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How much money can I earn in a New York construction accident lawsuit?

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Construction accidents are usually the events that cause the most serious injuries to workers in New York, due to the types of tools and heavy machinery that are typically used on a daily basis in each of the work activities in this sector.

According to statistics from the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration, known by its acronym OSHA, a total of 10 fatal construction accidents were recorded in New York in 2018, which is equivalent to 45% of the total number of fatal accidents on the job, recorded in that year.

In addition to the alarming numbers of construction accident cases in New York, another aspect that often causes quite a bit of concern is the fact that many of these accidents often go unpunished, even without providing adequate benefits to the affected victims.

The labor law of the United States, particularly New York State, establishes that any worker who suffers any type of accident or injury related to their work activities has the right to receive workers’ compensation.

However, many times the employer, or the insurance company hired by the employer, denies the economic benefit to the affected worker, alleging any type of excuse. In these types of cases, the victim has the right to file a construction accident claim.

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When can I file a construction accident lawsuit in New York?

Construction accident lawsuits can help you receive the compensation you deserve by law when you are a victim of a construction accident in New York, so you can cover every expense that may result from the accident.

Some of the costs that this benefit can help you cover are as follows:

  • Medical bills for care received after the accident.
  • Prescription drug expenses.
  • Rehabilitation therapy, if necessary.
  • Wages you may have lost due to the accident.
  • Benefits you did not receive after the accident.

You will have the right to file a construction accident claim when your employer, or the contracted insurer, denies you access to this important benefit, alleging excuses that do not apply to your case or are not consistent with the facts of the accident.

To achieve success in a construction accident lawsuit, it is advisable that you can count on the support of construction accident lawyers, with the experience to help you get the benefits you deserve.

How much money can I earn when I file a construction accident lawsuit?

The value of the compensation you will receive when you win a workers’ compensation claim will depend on the extent of the injuries you sustained after the accident, as well as the total amount of expenses you have had to cover between medical care and the recovery period.

For this reason, to ensure that you receive the most money possible, it is important that you support your claim with whatever evidence is necessary to lend credibility to your side of the story.

With the help of a construction accident lawyer, you will be able to get all the evidence you need, through a thorough investigation of the facts, to determine the causes of the accident and the exact amount you need to recover for the damages and injuries caused by the accident.

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If you were a victim of construction accident injuries in New York and did not receive the benefits you are entitled to, you may have the opportunity to file an employment claim with a construction accident lawyer. Don’t let your rights be denied!

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