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  • Enter the value of the damage to your property if it’s a car accident case. Leave this field at zero for most other types of personal injury cases.
  • Enter the sum of your lost income if you missed work due to your injuries. If you used available time-off benefits, such as PTO, enter the dollar value lost as if it were unpaid.
  • Enter an estimate of future lost income if you will be missing more work due to ongoing treatment or an inability to continue working in your current job while recovering.
  • Enter an estimate of the cost of future medical treatment if you will require ongoing medical care for your injuries.
  • Choose a multiplier for general damages, which are your pain and suffering. The multiplier is used to estimate your non-economic damages based on the severity, duration, and impact of your injuries. The multiplier can range from 1.5 to 5, depending on the circumstances of your case.
  • Click the “Calculate” button to get an estimated result. The result includes your economic damages (medical expenses, property damage, and income loss).

What is accident compensation?

Accident compensation is money paid to a person who has suffered physical, emotional, or economic harm as a result of the negligence or fault of another person, company, or entity. 

The goal of compensation is to reimburse the affected party for medical expenses, loss of income, pain and suffering, and other damages they may have suffered.

What types of accidents can lead to compensation?

There are many types of accidents that can cause personal injuries and lead to a compensation claim. Some of the most common ones include:

Traffic accidents: when a person is injured in a vehicle collision caused by another driver, a vehicle defect, poor signage, or hazardous road conditions.

Workplace accidents: when a person suffers an injury at their workplace or during the performance of their job duties, whether due to a fall, impact, exposure to toxic substances, malpractice, or lack of safety measures.

Slip and fall accidents: when a person falls and gets injured on someone else’s property due to a slippery surface, an obstacle, a hole, poor lighting, or any other factor posing a risk to visitors.

Dog bite accidents: when a person is attacked by a dog, resulting in injuries, infections, scars, or psychological trauma.

Defective product accidents: when a person is injured by using a product with a design, manufacturing, or information defect that makes it dangerous or unsuitable for its intended use.

Medical malpractice accidents: when a person suffers harm due to the error, omission, or negligence of a healthcare professional who fails to meet the quality and safety standards of their field.

What factors influence the value of accident compensation?

The value of accident compensation depends on various factors such as:

Severity of injuries: the more severe the injuries, the higher the compensation. Factors considered include the type of injury, duration, the need for medical treatment, the possibility of sequelae or disability, and the impact on the affected person’s quality of life.

Medical expenses: hospitalization, surgery, medication, rehabilitation, prosthetics, home care, and other services related to injury recovery are included.

Loss of income: the amount of money the affected person has stopped earning or will lose in the future due to an inability to work or the need to reduce working hours or change professions due to injuries.

Pain and suffering: the emotional harm suffered by the affected person, including stress, distress, depression, fear, loss of enjoyment of life, and other psychological effects resulting from the accident.

Fault: the degree of responsibility of each party involved in the accident. If the affected person bears any fault, the compensation value may be reduced. If the responsible party acted with intent, bad faith, or gross negligence, the compensation value may be increased.

How to use the Personal Injury Calculator from Conexión Legal?

The Personal Injury Calculator from Conexión Legal is an online tool that allows you to obtain an estimate of the value of your accident compensation in just a few minutes. To use it, simply follow these steps:

Access the “Personal Injury Calculator.”

Answer the questions about your accident, injuries, expenses, and income as honestly and accurately as possible.

Receive your estimate of accident compensation. Remember that this is an approximate figure that may vary depending on the circumstances of your case.

Contact Conexión Legal for a free and non-binding consultation with one of our expert personal injury lawyers. We will advise you on the steps to take to effectively and safely claim your accident compensation.


The formula is not exact and serves only as a guide. Actual compensation may depend on many other factors, such as fault, evidence, testimony, negotiations, the jury, and applicable law. Therefore, it is important to consult with a lawyer before accepting any settlement offer.

This is for informational and estimation purposes only. Although this calculator uses formulas derived from accident law, it does not constitute legal advice.

Furthermore, depending on the facts of your accident, the estimate produced here may be higher or lower than the actual amount you may receive when filing your claim.

Depending on the facts of your accident, you may not be entitled to receive money. This does not substitute for qualified legal advice.