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In Conexión Legal, our priority is to offer timely and quality counseling to our clients, therefore, we will go ahead and answer some of the common questions regarding our lawyers and services.

In case you do not find the information you are looking for here, do not hesitate to contact us in any of our 24/7 channels, and we will gladly solve your doubts.

What is Conexión Legal 's area of expertise?

We specialize in referring our clients to accident attorneys, whether it a car accident, construction accident, or work accident attorney, among others. However, we connect the Latino community with Spanish-speaking attorneys in any field of the Law.

Why should clients call Conexión Legal instead of other Lawyers?

In Conexión Legal, we have a broad Spanish-speaking network of attorneys, who understand the needs of the Latino community in the United States. Our Lawyers that work with Latino people seek their client’s benefit above all else, ensuring that, in the case regarding injury in a car accident, construction accident or work accident, they receive medical treatment and recover their health, and then obtain Workers’ Compensation or whatever is applicable according to the case.

Our number one priority is the benefit of the people who trust us, we are therefore available 24 hours a day

What is the right time to consult a lawyer?

Regardless of your choice of a free or paid consultation, what matters is to do it as soon as the car accident, work accident, wrongful termination, discrimination in the workplace or medical malpractice occurs, since there are established time frames in which a lawsuit can be filed.

If the consultation is free, how do they get their fees?

Free consultation attorneys only get paid if they win the case, and the amount of the fee is determined the following way:

A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer gets a percentage of the amount that the client receives. This amount is defined by the Workers’ Compensation court according to the job performed by the occupational lawyer, and it can vary from place to place.

In the cases of car accidents or injuries and accidents caused by falls in public spaces, the amount paid by the insurance is divided in three equal amounts, for the client, the lawyer and the doctor. The percentage may vary for the benefit of the client and by personal choice of the lawyer and the doctor, according to the responsibility policy and the cost of the medical treatment.

What do I have to consider when choosing a lawyer?

If you speak spanish, consider a Spanish-speaking attorney to ease the communication, also consider experience and attitude. Choose a loyal attorney who will worry for the well-being of his client.

Besides the professional license to practice Law, what other requirements must Conexión Legal lawyers meet?

How many lawyers does Conexión Legal have today?

8 lawyers in different states of the country.

Attorneys in California, New York, Chicago and other states must be authorized by the Bar of each place.

Frequently Asked Questions regarding Legal Processes in Accidents

In this section you will find the answers to the most frequent questions related to client/attorney processes.

Can a lawsuit or claim be filed without a lawyer? How important are they in the process?

It is possible, however this does not guarantee the best result. Lawyers can file the needed claim for free and get a small percentage as a fee once the case ends successfully. The lack of an attorney for occupational cases, medical malpractice or Workers’ Compensation, among others, means the possibility that the client will get a minimal payment and his rights will be violated.

What to do if my attorney resigns from the case?

Firstly, identify the reason for the resignation and ask for all of the information related to the case, and then request a second opinion of the case.

In some cases you could file a claim for malpractice against the lawyer that resigned.

Can I file a claim if I am currently in a different state?

Yes, It does not matter where you are at the time, all you have to consider are the applicable laws for each case, meaning:

For work accidents, the applicable laws are the ones in which you hire the occupational lawyer, but regarding car accidents and accidents in public spaces, the applicable laws are the ones where the event occured, even if the person is not currently located in the same country. In this case, a remote claim can be filed.

Can I claim Compensation on behalf of a deceased or injured family member?

Yes, the closest relative to the victim can request compensation for a car accident, meaning that if the person who suffered the accident was married, only the spouse will be able to do it, otherwise the children, parents or siblings are able to do it.

What should I do if my attorney does not fulfill his/her responsibilities?

In the case of a car accident, construction, work or public space accidents, an attorney is fulfilling his obligations if you receive medical treatment, given that the Compensation for an accident is based on getting respect for your rights according to medical reports. If that is not the case, the best thing to do would be to talk to the lawyer first and then report him to the state’s Bar.

If the lawyer requests a payment in advance, should I do it?

If your case is related to some kind of accident, you should no, in any circumstance, give money in advance. In other cases it is possible, but make sure to ask your Compensation attorney what the money’s for.

Frequently Asked Questions related to Confidentiality in Accident Cases

By any circumstance will a lawyer violate the confidentiality clause that generates when you share your case with one of our lawyers. We will now cover the questions related to this clause.

Are the conversations with my attorney confidential and are the conversations prior to the hiring of an attorney confidential?

All conversations you have with a specialist attorney from our network or with another member of our team are confidential.

Can a lawyer retaliate for non-hiring (use of information)?

No, all conversations between client and attorney are private, and using them against the client is a felony offense.

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