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New York is one of the 50 states that are part of the United States of America. It is the 4th most populated with 19.378.102 inhabitants according to the 2010 census. It is the biggest financial and business center of the country.

According to that same census, hispanic people and the Latino community are 17.6% of the state’s population, making them ethnia of fastest growth after white people.
Almost 25% of this state’s habitants speak Spanish, therefore in Conexión Legal we specialize in connecting our clients with Spanish-speaking attorneys in New York.

Our Coverage in New York

If you are located in the city that shares the name with the state of New York, Brooklyn, Queens, Hempstead, Wyoming or another one of the 62 counties of this state, give us a call and an attorney specialized in accidents from our network in New York will contact you immediately and for free.

Most common accidents in NY

Car Accidents

Car accidents and motorcycle accidents are the most common ones in the whole state given that many factors can cause them, from bad roads to bad weather conditions.

Luckily, the State has a “no-fault” insurance system that consists of the insurance company being responsible for the payment (all of it or most of it) for medical needs and disabilities caused by an injury caused by a car accident, regardless of who was at fault.

Construction and Work Accidents

Construction is one of the most dangerous areas in the United States and especially in the state of New York. This is due to the amount and size of the projects that are built here, which leaves the Occupational Safety and Health Administration with more than 200,000 injured workers due to falls from stairs and scaffoldings, tow truck accidents and electrocution every year.

Benefits you can receive in case of work accidents and construction accidents:

  • Deadline to report the case: 2 years within the date of the accident.
  • Financial compensation: Up to $966.78 per week for temporary disability, if the claim is filed within the time frame established by the statute of limitations for these cases in the State of New York.
  • Fee Amount for the Case: Assigned by the Court according to the work and effort put into your case.

Falls in public spaces

This type of personal injury occurs when a person slips or falls in third-party property due to the floor being wet, with black ice, snow or dangerous objects blocking the way.

Our attorney network is free in New York give the advice to get consultation as soon as possible regarding the procedure that must be followed in these cases, since the limitations specify that you must attend Court with the claim process within 3 years of the accident.

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