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Slips and falls Lawyer

Slip and fall accidents are among the most prevalent in the United States today with respect to personal injury lawsuits. About 2 million people are injured in these accidents, according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission; however, less than 30% of them seek the free advice of a slip and fall attorney.

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Believe it or not, it is more common than you imagine that the victim does not know their rights, so it will be difficult for them to clearly identify the person responsible, that is where a lawyer can be of great help, because by having their experience and representation, you will be able to proceed effectively, managing to prevent your request for compensation for personal injury from being rejected.

Most Common Types of Slip and Fall Cases

Although we can tell you that the causes of these accidents are innumerable, we can highlight in this huge list that negligence and lack of maintenance of public and local roads are the most recurrent, so you could claim compensation for personal injuries such as sprains, fractures and back injuries highlighting the most common.

Common Causes of a Slip and Fall Case

Some of the causes with high rates of falls and slips are:

  • Pavement in poor condition such as ditches or potholes.
  • Damp or completely wet floors.
  • Unmaintained or poorly installed carpets.
  • Polished or greasy floors.
  • Floors with dust or remains of some other residue.
  • Icy or very slippery surfaces due to bad weather.
  • Obstacles in aisles and warehouses.
  • Narrow, poorly lit stairs and broken handrails.
  • Dangerously inclined roads.
  • Cables lying on the floor.
  • Stairs in poor condition.
  • Lack of signs warning of imminent danger.

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What are your rights in a slip and fall case?

It is clear that depending on the state you are in, it will have specific laws regarding slip and fall cases that will support you according to the circumstances and what the justice indicates.

Therefore, both the government, as well as the owners of any establishment in remodeling or cleaning, as well as the removal of snow and ice from the sidewalks, where even the neighboring owners, can be held responsible, they have the obligation to act in a manner responsible taking care not to increase the risk of falls or worsen the pre-existing situation.

So you must never forget your right to have a slip and fall lawyer from Legal Connection and your right to take your case to court to achieve the broadest and most fair coverage possible for the pain you will have to suffer, as well as medical bills arising from the injury.

What Does a Slip and Fall Lawyer Do?

After understanding the above, you should know that it is right here where having legal advice from a lawyer specializing in obtaining compensation for personal injuries can define the future of your case and be of great help.

This will help you to break down the case and according to the collection of evidence, the analysis of the accident and the contact with the necessary medical assistance, you will be able to prove the responsibility of who should answer for your injuries.

If you believe that a third party is responsible for the injuries you have after being the victim of an accident of this type, do not forget to contact us. In Legal Connection we will help you understand your case and obtain the timely and necessary help of a Spanish-speaking lawyer willing to look out for your interests at all times.

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