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What does the law say about wrongful termination in the United States and why do I need free lawyers?

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In the United States, the law establishes that employers have the right to fire their workers without prior notice and for any reason. However, if it is a wrongful termination, there are benefits that by law you can receive with the help of free lawyers. But in what cases is a wrongful termination? What does the Federal Labor Law say about wrongful termination?

The Federal Labor Law qualifies as ” wrongful termination” those cases in which an employer terminates the employment relationship with an employee for reasons of discrimination, whether because of gender, race, religion or sexual orientation, among other reasons that violate his or her principles and/or beliefs.

In the event that you have been the victim of a wrongful termination, and your employer has terminated your labor relationship with the company for any reason established in the Federal Labor Law of the United States, you have the right to receive compensation according to the damages caused.

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When can I be a victim of wrongful termination under the Federal Labor Law?

The reasons why a dismissal case can be considered as unjustified are many, most of them related to discrimination and harassment cases of which the employee may have been a victim, by his employer.

According to the Federal Labor Law, a wrongful termination happens when an employee is suddenly separated from his or her work activities for any of the following reasons:

  • Discrimination: The mentioned law states that employers with a team of 15 or more employees are prohibited from discriminating against their workers because of their race, color, gender, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, age or sexual orientation.
  • Sexual Harassment: There are many cases in which employees are sexually harassed by a superior in the workplace and, when they report it, are fired. This is completely prohibited by the Federal Labor Law and, if a similar case happens to you, it is important that you act legally so that an investigation is initiated against the harasser and you receive the corresponding benefits.
  • Non-payment of salary or overtime: If you are fired from your job without receiving payment of your salary or the overtime you worked before the dismissal, the Federal Labor Law protects your rights as a victim and allows you to receive benefits that you can legally claim.
  • Retaliation against the worker: Another of the reasons that the Federal Labor Law qualifies as wrongful termination is when it occurs in retaliation against a worker who has taken legal action to denounce some type of mistreatment in the workplace.
  • Noncompliance with FMLA: The Family and Medical Leave Act, also known by the acronym FMLA, establishes that workers have the right to receive up to a total of 12 weeks of annual leave to care for the health of a seriously ill family member or newborn child. Federal Labor Law prohibits an employee from being fired for requesting this leave.

So, if you are fired for any of the reasons mentioned above, you can take legal action with a good team of free lawyers to obtain the compensation you are entitled to, which should be equivalent to the wages and benefits you have lost, the medical expenses and the emotional stress you may suffer as a result of the dismissal.

What benefits can I receive as a victim of wrongful termination with free lawyers?

When you are a victim of a wrongful termination, the Federal Labor Law in the United States establishes that you will have the right to receive a compensation that covers different economic and emotional aspects, which may result from the unlawful termination you have suffered.

If you are having trouble getting this compensation, with the help of free lawyers you may have the opportunity to do so easily, receiving benefits for:

  • Wages you have lost as a result of the dismissal.
  • Benefits that you have stopped receiving.
  • Medical expenses that have arisen due to the loss of medical coverage at work.
  • Expenses for damages and emotional stress.
  • Costs necessary to find a new job.

Each of these expenses, among many others, can be covered through the compensation you are entitled to receive as a victim of wrongful termination, as long as you have the proper legal advice. 

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