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Wrongful Termination

Don’t let fear stop you! If your boss fired you and you think they didn’t have a motive, come to Conexión Legal and we will enforce your rights as an employee.

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Types of Wrongful Termination cases we take care of:

We know it’s complicated to start legal action for wrongful termination in the U.S., since many contracts don’t endorse this work relationship, but we are experts in the matter.
The most common cases are:

  • Due to pregnancy.
  • A physical injury that represents a temporary disability.
  • An accident that results in the decrease of your physical abilities.
  • Taking time for family emergencies.
  • Fulfillment of civic duties.

In case of being fired without cause, your boss has to pay workers’ compensation. In Legal Connection we will explain how and what to do to avoid abuse against workers.

Types of Compensation you can receive for Wrongful Termination

  • Payment for damages
  • Payment for Lost Wages.
  • Medical Services not received.
  • Travel Expenses..

What to do when you suffered from a wrongful termination:

  • In the U.S., companies have the right to fire an employee in case that they are not performing their job properly or if they are not complying with the protocols within the job. Therefore, a wrongful termination case in which we could help you is when the layoff is the consequence of discrimination or abuse from the company.
  • Termination as a consequence of discrimination due to gender, sexual preference, race, or physical appearance are penalized, and a lawyer can help. Likewise if there is or there was some kind of physical or sexual abuse from the employer.

What does an attorney who specializes in Wrongful Termination do?

  • Wrongful Termination cases have to be proven. Your wrongful termination lawyer must gather all the necessary evidence with your help in order to build the case and the evidence that will prove there was discrimination when they fired you. Your attorney will obtain compensation for the damages that this causes you.

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