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Workplace Negligence

Did you suffer from an accident at work? It’s not necessarily your fault.

If you haven’t had training, the company didn’t provide adequate equipment or didn’t have the safety measures established by the Law, you have the right to receive financial compensation.

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What is Workplace Negligence?

All of the accidents or occupational illnesses resulting from failure to comply with adequate safety and prevention measures. Many companies expose their employees to unnecessary risks, causing injuries and accidents

The following are some of the cases of workplace negligence:

Negligence comes in different shapes, starting by not informing of the risks involved in the job, not training the staff adequately, having them work in risky situations, and not providing them with necessary equipment or tools to perform their job safely.

If you have been involved in an accident of this type, you deserve compensation. Trust us, we want to help you!

Migratory status is not a condition for the employer to avoid compensation payment, since their obligation towards the Law is to provide adequate conditions to guarantee their employees’ safety. If you feel that your rights were violated, in Conexión Legal we have a team of expert lawyers available for you.

Types of compensation you can receive

  • All cases of workplace negligence are associated with the damages caused by performing one’s job in a negligent work environment. Therefore, the compensation that a person can receive will be similar to that of a workers’ compensation case.
  • In case that the negligence is proven, the worker will be able to get compensation for damages, pain and suffering, and lost wages generated by this negligence.

What to do in case of Workplace Negligence?

In case of workplace negligence, it is important to contact an attorney to advise you and report it immediately with your employer.

What does a Workplace Negligence Attorney do?

  • Files the claim at court
  • Gathers all the necessary evidence
  • Gets compensation for the affected employee

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Did you have an accident at work and it was not your fault?

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