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Personal Injury

After suffering any type of accident, be it due to negligence, car collision or any other type of liability by third parties where your physical integrity was affected, it is important to immediately have the advice of a personal injury lawyer that can assist you and take your case in an effective and committed way.

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You must always bear in mind that, depending on the form and immediacy of proceeding to request some type of compensation for damages from your lawyer, this will be as broad and immediate as possible.

Therefore requesting free advice and the representation of a lawyer during the first hours of having suffered an injury, whether due to slip and fall or a car accident, will help you not to get a bad negotiation or to not fully enforce your rights.

Types of cases we attend

Although the factors that can lead to risk situations like this are infinite, today, it is important to highlight that injuries related to slips and falls in public places are the main cause of visits to medical emergency rooms for injuries such as fractures, dislocations, or spinal damage.

If you have a personal injury case and do not know how to act, do not hesitate to contact us through our telephone line or Whatsapp and the Spanish-speaking lawyers in our network will offer you free advice.

Common Causes of Injury

Statistics generally increase when talking about seasonal injuries; In other words, during winter, accidents tend to increase that will lead to physical injury, as people tend to injure themselves when slipping and falling on surfaces that are not kept properly free of ice or snow, negligence and lack of prevention being the main factor.

However, when talking about labor issues, constructions are usually the spaces with the most accidents such as slips and falls, so the number of men, as opposed to women, is also higher.

In the latter case, accidents usually occur due to the absence of safety protocols, protective equipment, indications in the work area and even lack of training.

What Does a Personal Injury Lawyer Do?

First of all, we must make it clear that specialized personal injury attorneys are highly sought after professionals within the United States, as their services often have a place in different types of accidents.

The main objective of this type of specialized lawyers is to represent injured victims trying to help them obtain fair compensation and with the broadest coverage as indicated by law.

So having a professional who knows the laws that can provide you with support, in addition to all the paperwork and processes, will help you obtain better compensation.

Some of the situations that the Spanish-speaking lawyer who is able to contact through Legal Connection will be in charge of are:

  • Get your medical needs covered as much as possible.
  • Get your medical bills paid.
  • You will adhere to the law at all times and ensure that your process is respected.
  • Try to get you to get the maximum limit of the insurance policy for your injuries.

In Legal Connection we will always be willing to watch over your rights and represent you in court in an optimal and effective way, we are a group of professionals with years of experience in the use of the laws to protect you.

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