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Can I file an employment lawsuit with a free lawyer in Atlanta?

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When you are involved in an accident in Atlanta, Georgia, you have several legal options, but depending on the nature of the accident, some may offer better results than others. In any case, having the help of a free lawyer will be indispensable to achieve the benefits you deserve.

In Atlanta, as in many other locations in the United States, there are many risks that can cause any person to suffer an accident that can cause severe injuries, which may require specialized medical attention to avoid fatal results.

Whether it is a construction accident, workplace accident, traffic accident or personal injury, all can cause major injuries to a victim. But when it comes to workplace accidents, could a workplace lawsuit with a free lawyer be the solution?

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What are my rights in a work accident case in Atlanta?

Following a workplace accident in the city of Atlanta, Georgia, and depending on the severity of the event, you have rights that by law must be enforced and that can help minimize the impact of such an event on your life.

Among the main rights is the one of receiving workers’ compensation, through which you will cover all the expenses resulting from the accident, without significantly affecting your budget as a worker.

It is established in the law known as Workers Compensation, which states that every employer must guarantee its employees access to workers’ compensation insurance, which provides workers’ compensation in the event of accidents in the workplace.

With the legal help of a free lawyer in Atlanta, you will be able to facilitate the process of getting your compensation by asserting each of your rights as an accident victim in Atlanta.

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Can I file a lawsuit in the event of an accident at work?

Although the Workers’ Compensation law prevents workers from filing a labor lawsuit against their employees as a result of a work-related accident, there are situations in which a worker can use a labor lawsuit as a remedy to assert their rights as a victim.

For instance, if the accident at work was caused by the negligence of the employer, or of any significant person at the work site, such as the safety officer, the property owner, etc., the worker can file a labor lawsuit to claim the benefits that by law they deserve.

Why do I need a free lawyer to file an employment lawsuit in Atlanta?

With the assistance of a free lawyer in Atlanta, you will be able to find the grounds for filing a labor lawsuit to increase the amount you are legally entitled to as compensation for the injuries you suffered in the event.

Some of the expenses to be covered by compensation are as follows:

  •       Medical care.
  •       Prescription drugs.
  •       Clinical studies.
  •       Rehabilitative therapies.
  •       Lost wages.

Furthermore, a free Atlanta lawyer will be able to prove future damages as a consequence of the accident, such as muscle pain or physical injuries, which will undoubtedly allow you to receive millions of dollars in workers’ compensation.

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In the event you have suffered a work-related accident in Atlanta, it is possible the characteristics of your case may allow you to file a labor lawsuit to obtain better benefits. With the help of our team of advisors at Conexión Legal, you can find the best free attorney to defend your rights.

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