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Five types of auto accident compensation

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Appointments, appraisers, attorneys, the police and insurance companies — after a car accident, you will likely have to deal with all of them. Even under the best of circumstances, that list inspires dread for most sane people. Under the stress of a recent trauma, important priorities may get lost in the shuffle, including the kinds of auto accident compensation to which you may be entitled.

Many victims of auto accidents aren’t aware of the various types of compensation they can receive, because so many variables can come into play. Severity of the accident itself, the vehicles and people involved, each party’s insurance policies and injuries sustained can all affect the type and amount of damages you can recover.

An experienced auto accident attorney can not only help make sense of all the variables, but can bring a sense of calm and order to the post-accident chaos. By contacting Conexion Legal — calling 1-800-201-1220 or writing to us through WhatsApp — you can receive free legal advice, and, if you need, we can connect you to an attorney in our network who specializes in cases like yours.

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How do I know which type of auto accident compensation I should receive?

Beyond basic types of compensation — an insurance payout for the value of a replacement vehicle (if totaled) or the value of repair to a damaged vehicle — there are five other types of compensation to which you may be entitled, depending on the facts of the case.

Many of these types depend on the review of a doctor, an insurance adjuster and the proper paperwork. An experienced attorney can help guide you through the process.

General medical expenses

Compensation for medical expenses can help cover treatment for everything from minor injuries — cuts, bruises, minor burns — to major traumas, like concussions, broken bones and neck and back injuries. It also covers the treatment for mental and psychological damage stemming from the accident.

Wage replacement

If the physical, psychological and mental injuries from the accident prevent you from carrying out work activities, the responsible party is obliged to cover the wages you would have earned. This can cover present and future income.


As part of a benefits package, many employers include short-term disability insurance, which replaces an employee’s income if they become temporarily disabled after an event unrelated to their job. That includes car accidents. The employer’s private insurance company — not the government — provides these benefits, until you get back to work.

In California, the state offers a publicly-funded short-term disability program through the Employment Development Department. Citizenship and immigration status do not affect eligibility for the state-funded short-term disability benefits in California, which can be paid each week until an employee returns to work, or until the benefits expire after one year. California workers pay into the program through a small tax on every paycheck. A car accident attorney in Conexion Legal’s network will be able to guide you to any similar programs in your state.

Permanent disability, simply put, is an injury related to the accident that completely changes the victim’s life, including injuries that prevent them from earning a living.

Loss of consortium

This kind of compensation is perhaps the least well-known. It gives the spouse of an accident victim the chance to recover compensation for the ways in which the accident permanently affected the marriage. Loss of consortium is characterized by loss of comfort, loss of companionship, loss of sexual relations or infertility of the affected person.

Loss of quality of life

While somewhat related to permanent disability, quality-of-life compensation is not strictly defined by work-related considerations. Quality-of-life compensation covers a wide range, including intangible losses — not being able to play with one’s children or walk up stairs because of an injury — and more concrete effects of an accident, such as post-traumatic stress, physical deformity and the loss of companionship by the death of a loved one. 

At Conexion Legal, we have a wide network of car accident attorneys who can help you discover and recover the kind of compensation you deserve. If you are unsure about what kinds of compensation you are entitled to, call us at 1-800-201-1220 or write to us through WhatsApp for free legal advice. If you need legal representation, we can connect you to car accident attorneys in our network.

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