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Can I file an Uber or Lyft accident lawsuit with free lawyers?

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When there is a car accident in which serious injuries are sustained, the victim can take legal action with the help of free lawyers to obtain benefits. But what happens when it comes to Uber or Lyft accidents, and can a lawsuit be filed in these cases?

According to statistics, in the United States, traffic accidents are one of the most common and dangerous accidents. In 2021, for example, there were more than 40 thousand deaths due to this type of accidents, which was a significant increase compared to previous years.

As for ridesharing applications, they have become one of the most used methods of transportation in the main cities of the country, where traffic accidents tend to occur much more frequently than in other places.

Therefore, it is important to know what the rights of a victim are when suffering Uber or Lyft accidents, so that they can receive each of the benefits that they deserve by law. If you need advice in a similar case, do not hesitate to call us at 1800 201 1220, or write to us via WhatsApp. Our team of experts will provide you with the free legal advice you need.

What are my rights when I suffer Uber or Lyft accidents?

The legal procedure to follow after such a ridesharing accident depends a lot on the policies of each ridesharing company. However, if you as a passenger suffered injuries in an accident while on a ride from one of these apps, you deserve to receive compensation from the company’s insurer.

With this compensation, the victim may have the opportunity to receive a sufficient amount of money to cover each of the expenses that arise as a result of the accident, without having to worry about anything other than their health and well-being.

Either way, it is always important that you can always rely on a team of lawyers free of cost to make sure you receive the right amount for the injuries you have suffered as a result of the Uber or Lyft accident.

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When can I file an Uber or Lyft accident claim?

In cases of Uber or Lyft accidents, unlike traffic accidents involving private vehicles, the amount received as compensation depends on the conditions of the passenger of the application.

That is, if for example at the time of the accident you were already on board the transportation vehicle, the amount you will be entitled to receive as compensation will be different than if you had already accepted your trip on the app, but had not boarded the vehicle.

If you believe you are making some sort of mistake in calculating your compensation as a victim of an Uber or Lyft accident, you can file a claim with the advice of free attorneys who will make sure you can get the most money for your injury care.

What expenses can an Uber or Lyft accident compensation cover?

An Uber or Lyft accident compensation should cover every single expense arising from the accident, including the injuries and medical treatments that the victim needs in order to make a full and worry-free recovery.

Some of the main expenses covered by an Uber or Lyft accident compensation are as follows:

  • Ambulance transportation.
  • Hospital bills.
  • Surgery.
  • Physical therapy.
  • Rehabilitation therapies.
  • Prescription drugs.
  • Medical bills.
  • Mental health-related expenses.

In addition, with the help of free attorneys, you may be able to add expenses for injuries that may develop in the future, such as pain and suffering, or even emotional damage such as stress or depression.

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