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Why should I hire a labor lawyer?

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From unsafe working conditions to accidents on the job to unjust firings, labor law touches daily life in a variety of ways, many of which go unnoticed. 

Labor law protects employees from being exploited, and while it’s not hard to find horror stories of friends and family being forced to work to exhaustion, having their hours cut for seemingly no reason or being dismissed, most workers do not understand the importance of retaining a labor lawyer until such misfortune happens to them. Even worse: Many employees or prospective employees do not know their legal rights, and may not know that legal action is even an option for them.

Labor lawyers specialize in labor law, and provide a measure of confidence and security for clients dealing with intimidating employers and frightening situations.

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Five common questions about labor lawyers

1.What do labor lawyers do?

A labor lawyer specializes in employment law, which covers workplace safety, fair hiring practices, workers’ compensation and generally any law regulating the relationship between employer and employee. Most labor lawyers represent workers or employees who feel their legal rights have been violated.

2.What kinds of cases do labor lawyers help with?

Labor lawyers help with cases of harassment, abuse, unjustified dismissal, discrimination, workplace injuries (due to sudden incidents or as the result of repetitive stress), workplace safety, workers’ compensation, sanctions, collective bargaining, social security, vacations, overtime, disabilities, sexual harassment, employer retaliations, maternity leave, fraud, theft and wage claims, among others. 

Sometimes, a labor lawyer is useful if an employee feels that he or she is going to be fired, and wants to know what steps to take next, which documents to sign and which documents not to sign.

3.Why should I hire a labor lawyer?

The saying goes: The man who represents himself has a fool for a client. Companies often have their own staff of labor lawyers, or retain the services of law firms specializing in labor law. It makes sense to have an expert of your own.

If you think you may have had your rights violated, or been a victim of discrimination, harassment, unsafe working conditions, intimidation, unfair hiring practices or retribution for being a whistleblower, a labor lawyer can help.

Labor layers are specialists in labor law, in how it is specifically applied in your state and how your state’s labor laws may differ with others around the country. Litigating cases of employment law can involve complicated filings and processes, tasks which are difficult to navigate without help. Even small missteps can prevent you from receiving the compensation to which you may be entitled, and a trained labor lawyer will ensure that proper procedures are followed.

4.How does immigration status affect the way labor law applies to workers?

It is important to note that, with few exceptions, labor law protects all workers in California, Pennsylvania, New York, New Jersey, Illinois and Georgia, regardless of immigration status. In many states, undocumented workers are entitled to workers’ compensation should they be injured on the job. A labor lawyer with experience in your state will know and understand what the exceptions are, and will be able to explain the extent to which you can be compensated.

In case of work accidents, Conexión Legal also offers free legal advice. Contact us through WhatsApp or schedule your consultation below.

5.Can I hire a labor lawyer for my company?

Labor lawyers represent employers as well as employees. They help companies comply with and address federal- and state-level labor laws. Labor lawyers also help companies negotiate labor agreements, review employment contracts and advise on information contained in manuals, pamphlets and other legally-binding documents. 

If you need the help of an employment lawyer, or still have doubts about when to look for an accident lawyer at work, at Conexión Legal we can connect you with one of a large number of specialized employment law attorneys in our network. Contact us to schedule a free consultation.

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