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What injuries can cause a Permanent Disability in cases of Construction Accidents?

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Construction Accidents, usually are related to heavy tools and machinery, and can cause severe injuries to workers, which can lead to a Permanent Disability case. If you need legal advice in this kind of situation, at Conexión Legal, we can help you.

According to statistics, Construction Accidents are often one of the most common labour accidents in the United States, recording up to 20% of fatalities which happen at the workplace across the country.

In this type of accidents, the victim can get significant benefits that will allow them to recover the expenses incurred as a consequence of the event, including payments for disability situations generated by the injuries suffered.

If you are a victim of a Construction Accident which caused you a permanent disability at work, a legal advisor can help you to get the benefits you deserve. Call now at 1800 201 1220, or write to Whatsapp to get Free Legal Advice about your case.

What is a Permanent Disability?

A Permanent Incapacity to Work is a status provided to a worker that, due to the severity of the injuries suffered in the accident, is not able to continue his/her work duties as usual, during more than a year after the event happened.

Accordingly, the worker can receive the benefit of getting a Permanent Disability Compensation which will be paid by the Social Security to have access to a monetary amount that allows him/her to cover his/her essential expenses as long as he/she fulfills the requirements demanded by the entity.

With the help of a legal advisor you will be able to know all the rights you have before these types of situations, as well as the requisites you have to comply with to get the benefits you deserve due to a Permanent disability after a Construction Accident.

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Injuries that can cause a Permanent Disability in the event of a Construction Accident

In a Construction Accident, a worker can suffer all kinds of injuries from moderate to severe, depending on the causes which caused the accident. Many of these injuries can cause severe damage, that even can disable the victim to continue performing their daily activities.

Some of the injuries resulted from Construction Accidents that can cause a Permanent Disability are:

  •         Limb Fractures (arms, legs)
  •         Brain Damage
  •         Spine Cord Injuries
  •         Severe Trauma
  •         Bleeding
  •         Vital Organs Damage (kidneys, liver, heart, etc.)

Depending on the severity of the injuries, as well as the treatment duration you need to get your recovery, it is possible you apply for a Permanent Disability. For this process, it is important to ensure you rely on the proper legal advice, to comply with each one of the necessary requisites and procedures.

What to do in the event of receiving a Permanent Disability?

In the event that after a Construction Accident, your doctor states your condition prevents you from returning to your work duties, you must immediately start the process to apply for Permanent Disability.

For this, it is indispensable you can rely on an Accident Lawyer support, who guides you at all times until you obtain the expected results, by completing the proper legal process according to the features of your case.

Get advice from Conexión Legal for your disability case

Permanent Disability cases caused by Construction Accidents Injuries may require several legal procedures that could be a little confusing. In order to achieve them without inconveniences, it is vital to have the right advice.

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