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Learn about the benefits that you are entitled to if you suffer a work-related accident on ladders.

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Workplace accidents are often one of the most dangerous accidents, because workers may be exposed to the use of objects and machinery that can cause serious injuries, such as ladders. If you are a victim of workplace accidents on ladders, it is important that you are aware of your rights. 

According to the statistics, in the United States, falls from ladders are often one of the leading causes of workplace injuries, often resulting in serious injuries that can even lead to death. 

In 2011, for example, the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, also known by the acronym NIOSH, recorded a total of 113 worker deaths related to the use of ladders in the workplace. 

Do you know what benefits you are eligible for as a victim of workplace accidents due to ladders? At Conexión Legal we can provide you with the free advice you need, not only to know your rights as a victim, but also to find the best lawyers who can defend you without problems. 

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What are the causes of industrial accidents on ladders?

There are many causes that can lead to accidents occurring on ladders, which can result in serious injuries to the worker involved in the event. 

Some of the main causes of workplace accidents on ladders are the following: 

  • Stairs in poor condition. 
  • Slippery floors. 
  • Lack of adequate safety equipment. 
  • Negligence in ladder maintenance and stability. 
  • Bad assembly of the ladder. 

Each of these details can be the cause of the most serious injuries in workers, so it is important to check very well that everything is in order, before using it to perform any type of work task. 

If you are injured for any of these reasons in the workplace, you are entitled by law to receive workers’ compensation benefits to cover every expense necessary for your full recovery. 

Types of common injuries in ladder accidents.

Workplace accidents can cause serious injuries to the worker, especially when the worker is performing tasks at a fairly steep height and without proper safety equipment. 

Some of the most common injuries in workplace ladder accidents are back injuries, brain contusions, bone fractures, general bruises, among others. 

Each of these injuries often requires specialized medical care, which can be costly  and often beyond the worker’s budget. However, with the compensation you are entitled by law to receive, you have nothing to worry about. 

What expenses are covered by workers’ compensation for accidents on ladders?

When you are the victim of ladder falls at your workplace, depending on the extent of your injuries, the expenses can be very high. With the workers’ compensation you are entitled by law to receive, you will not have to worry about anything but your health. 

When you receive workers’ compensation, it will help you cover expenses such as:

    • Medical care. 
    • Ambulance transfers. 
    • Prescription drugs. 
    • Laboratory testing. 
    • Rehabilitation therapies, if necessary. 
    • Lost wages due to your injuries. 
    • Partial or permanent disability expenses. 

Each of these benefits must be provided by your employer through the insurance company you have contracted for the security of each of your employees. If you are having trouble receiving the compensation you deserve by law, you have the right to file a legal claim with a workers’ compensation lawyer. 

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If you need legal help to receive your workers’ compensation as a victim of a workplace accident, at Conexión Legal we can help you find the best professionals in the industry, so that you can be assured of receiving quality care, with the goal of achieving the best results in your case. 

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