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Know Your Labor Rights in the United States

Know Your Labor Rights in the United States

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The Labor Law in the United States is a very diverse collection of federal and state laws. The Federal Law not only determines the basis for establishing labor rights in the United States, specifically for workers in the private sector, but also invalidates most local and state laws that seek to regulate this area.

The Federal Law also provides more restrictions for federal government employees. However, these federal laws do not apply to employees of state and city governments, farmers, or national employees; any legal protection for these workers comes from state law. Models are less obvious in the area of wages and working conditions.

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The federal law establishes minimum wage and quick pay in most public and private sector employees’ working hours; state and city law may provide more comprehensive rights. Similarly, federal law provides minimum safety guarantees on site, but allows states to implement these responsibilities and apply closer regulations.

Finally, federal laws and states protect workers from discrimination in the workplace. In most areas, these two legal agencies coordinate with each other; for example, federal law allows states to apply their own laws to prevent discrimination based on race, gender, religion, national origin, and age, as long as the state laws do not provide federal protection.

On the other hand, federal law does not cover most state laws that apply to employers to distinguish employees to prevent them from obtaining pensions or other benefits, or to confirm these rights.

The United States Congress did not ratify the International Labour Organization Convention on Freedom of Association and Protection of the Right to Organize in 1948, nor the Convention on the Right to Organize and Collective Bargaining in 1949.


According to US law, you have the right to:

  • A healthy and safe workplace
  • Speak with your employer about unsafe or unhealthy working conditions
  • Complain to OSHA about hazards or unhealthy conditions in the workplace
  • Refuse to perform a dangerous job
  • Receive information about workplace hazards
  • Not be punished for protecting your health and safety at work
  • Access medical and surveillance records at work
  • Access information about injuries and illnesses that occur in the workplace.


The labor law deals with all the labor rights and obligations of union members in the United States. Some groups of workers see unions as advantageous because they have more power over their employers and, similarly, gain more bargaining power as they seek and obtain better opportunities for themselves in the company instead of pursuing individual interests.

Unions can demand better wages, more favorable working hours, and safer workplaces as long as their claims are realistic, necessary, and justified for the company.

The management of an organization must treat all union members fairly and respectfully, without restricting their rights of voice, assembly, and vote. Employers must also follow specific rules when dealing with union members. For example, they can only negotiate with designated union representatives and must strictly comply with agreements made between the parties.

Although all states are independent and may enact their own labor relations laws, they are subject to federal law, known as the National Labor Relations Act.

Labor legislation includes a set of rules related to working conditions and wage laws, such as the Fair Labor Standards Act, which prohibits child labor and establishes minimum wages for workers.


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