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Knee Injuries at Work and Your Compensation

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Knee injuries can have irreparable consequences for those who suffer them, such as the inability to perform their job again, long periods of treatment and recovery, surgeries, and of course, significant economic expenses. Therefore, it is important to request fair financial compensation.

When a person suffers a knee injury at work, it is common for them to never fully recover. Remember that knees are used for running, walking, lifting objects, bending, and so on.

In the event of a knee workplace accident, it is your right to request financial compensation that will help cover treatments and possible permanent disability.

What is the compensation for knee injuries?

Compensation for knee injuries will depend on the severity of the injury, which may only require some medication and rest, or may require surgery. In some cases, you may be incapacitated from performing your previous work activities.

According to the National Safety Council and some other sources, the average compensation payment for a knee injury is $34,003.

However, it is important to note that if your injury is mild, it may be much less, or on the contrary, if it is complicated, it may require much more.

What are the symptoms of a knee injury?

It is common for people with a knee injury to perceive something abnormal, even mild injuries can cause pain and swelling in the knee.

You can check if something is wrong if you have any of these symptoms:

Swelling of the knee and the area around it. Weakness in the knee or buckling when walking or carrying objects. Bruises and contusions. Tenderness in the area. Hear a click or crunch when walking. Stiffness or muscle spasms.

In severe cases, it is no longer possible to move the knee, making it impossible to move around as before.

How to file a claim for knee injury compensation?

First of all, never wait days or weeks to report the incident to your employer. If you do, insurance agencies may take that as an opportunity to pay you less.

Also, take pictures of your injury and the place where the accident occurred. These images will attest that the accident happened while you were doing your job and not during your free time.

Subsequently, go to a doctor to have your injuries examined and certified. The doctor’s report will be a useful tool when requesting your economic compensation. Remember that it will be necessary for you to also see the doctor established by the insurance company to confirm the damage from the incident.

Seek legal advice immediately to follow up on your case and thus ensure that you receive the compensation to which you are entitled.

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