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Can I receive compensation if I suffer from hand pain caused by repetitive work?


When you are constantly subjected to work that involves constant or repetitive effort, there is a risk of repetitive work injuries, such as hand pain. In these cases, you may be able to take action with an employment lawyer to pursue benefits.

Contrary to what many workers think, hand pain can be directly related to work activities, and may also indicate a serious physical condition resulting from repetitive strain on the job.

There are many types of diseases that can develop from hand pain, so it is important to always be aware of any symptoms, especially when performing work tasks that can lead to injuries which over time may worsen if they do not receive proper attention.

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What types of injuries can repetitive work cause?

If you as a worker are constantly performing work activities that involve increased and repetitive effort, meaning that you have to do it several times a day or week, you are very likely to develop repetitive work injuries or illnesses.

Some of the most common repetitive work injuries are:

  •         Muscle aches.
  •         Sprains.
  •         Tendon and/or muscle tears.
  •         Hand pain.
  •         Joint discomfort.

Among other physical conditions that can hinder your work performance, even causing your quality of life to decline considerably. With the help of a work accident lawyer, you will be able to receive benefits that will help you recover without problems and in the shortest possible time.

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How can hand pain caused by repetitive work affect my life?

One of the most serious injuries in cases of repetitive work is usually pain in the hands, since this can be an indication of other types of pathologies that may be the source of the pain and that, if not properly treated in a timely manner, can worsen your health condition.

When there is pain in the hands, it could be a case of tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, tenosynovitis, among other conditions that could be affecting your nervous system and eventually could make it difficult to move your hands.

In order to treat these types of illnesses, therapies, surgeries and treatments are usually expensive, so it is important that you act legally with the help of an accident attorney to receive possible benefits.

What benefits can I receive for suffering from hand pain?

In the event that you are suffering from hand pain as a result of repetitive work, it is important that you first report the ailments you are experiencing to your employer so that they can take action. 

If after the report you continue to perform the same tasks and suffer the same ailments, you can hire the services of an accident and personal injury lawyer, who will allow you to take legal action to receive compensation to cover each of the expenses necessary for your recovery.

Some of the expenses that this compensation will cover are the following:

  •         Medical care.
  •         Treatments.
  •         Clinical studies.
  •         Rehabilitative therapies.
  •         Lost wages.

And even other future expenses that your attorney can prove, such as stress and suffering from hand pain you have developed as a result of repetitive work.

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