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4 Benefits of Hiring Chicago Construction Accident Lawyers

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The city of Chicago, being one of the main cities in the United States, is a place where it is very common to find construction sites of all types of buildings and structures, where workers may be at high risk of suffering an accident. If you suffer a construction accident in Chicago, as a victim you have the rights that you should advocate for with a lawyer. 

According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is estimated that at least 4% of construction workers in the United States suffer some type of injury while performing their jobs, which can often be fatal. 

In the case of the city of Chicago, a significant number of workers are injured in construction each year, so it is important for workers to know their rights and how a construction accident lawyer can be essential at this time. 

If you are a victim of construction accidents in Chicago, we at Conexión Legal can provide you with the legal advice you need. Call us at 1800 201 1220, or write to our WhatsApp for our experts to help you contact the best lawyers in your area. 

Why do I need a construction accident lawyer?

 In cases of construction accidents, the law protects the injured worker by providing a series of benefits that will allow him or her to cover each of the expenses that may arise after the event and that could cause an economic imbalance in the victim, generating more damages due to levels of worry and stress. 

Despite the fact that an injured worker has the right to receive from his employer each of the benefits to which he is entitled, there are occasions in which there may be certain obstacles that may complicate the process, distancing the worker from his rights as a victim. 

In order for this type of situation not to occur, it is important that when you suffer a construction accident, you can count on the legal support of an accident lawyer, who can guide you through the right path, following the necessary steps to get justice for your injuries. 

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Benefits of working with Chicago construction accident lawyers.

The benefits that the victim of a construction accident in Chicago can get when hiring the legal services of an accident lawyer are many. 

Some of the most important are as follows: 

Collection of evidence

When a construction accident lawyer is hired, he or she will conduct a thorough investigation into the incident, in which it will be possible to gather every piece of evidence in the case that can support the victim’s legal defense. 

In addition, in this process it will also be possible to find important details about the accident, which can later be used to increase the benefits that the accident victim is entitled to by law, such as workers’ compensation. 

Filing a labor lawsuit

Although the law prohibits workers from filing a lawsuit against the employer when they suffer an accident at work, during the investigation process carried out by the accident lawyer, it is possible that the lawyer will find important details that will allow a lawsuit to be filed against a third party responsible for the accident. 

This case can mean an important advantage for the victim, since through the lawsuit he may have the opportunity to receive a millionaire amount as compensation for the injuries suffered. 

Workers’ compensation

This is the basic benefit that every worker injured in construction accidents should receive, which consists of a certain amount of money that will be given to the victim, with the objective of covering each of the expenses that are necessary after suffering the accident. 

Some of the most common expenses are usually medical care, prescription drugs, clinical studies, ambulance transfers, lost wages due to the accident, among others. 

With the help of a construction accident lawyer, the victim will be assured of receiving the amount of compensation he or she deserves, depending on the injuries sustained in the accident. 

Personalized attention.

By working with construction accident lawyers in Chicago, you can be assured of having professionals who will constantly provide you with information about the progress of your case, so it will not be a problem to maintain constant communication with the professional. 

In addition, the lawyer’s objectives will always be to respond to your needs as a victim, so you will not have to worry about anything other than your health when you are injured in this type of accident. 

Where do I find construction accident lawyers in Chicago?

If you were the victim of a Chicago construction accident, and you need the legal help of a team of accident lawyers who truly care about providing you with the quality service you need, our advisors at Conexión Legal can help. 

Call 1800 201 1220 today, or write to our WhatsApp for free legal advice, where our team will guide you on the right path, contacting the best accident lawyers in your area to defend your rights as a victim. 

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