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Safety measures to prevent accidents on scaffolding and ladders

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In the United States, when talking about work accidents, one of the sectors that tends to register more cases per year is the construction industry. The constant use of heavy machinery, tools, scaffolding, and ladders makes the possibility of suffering an accident in construction much greater than in other occupations.

For this reason, in order to prevent this type of accident from occurring, there are different safety laws and regulations that must be followed in each construction site. These can save the lives of workers, preventing them from suffering injuries in construction accidents, which are usually really serious.

However, it is true that different types of accidents can occur in construction, such as fires, explosions, the collapse of walls or cranes, etc. In this opportunity, we will focus on the measures that can help to avoid accidents on scaffolds and ladders.

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What types of injuries are often caused by scaffolding and ladder accidents?

On a construction site, the injuries that a worker may suffer can be very serious, to the point of requiring specialized medical attention and even surgery to make a full recovery.

Some of the most common injuries that can result from scaffolding and ladder accidents include the following:

  • Brain contusions.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Muscle tearing.
  • Spinal cord injuries.
  • Internal bleeding.
  • Damage to vital organs such as the heart, brain, kidneys, etc.
  • Scrapes or burns.
  • Sprains.

Each of these injuries will require specialized medical attention, so it is important to be sure to seek it after the fact. Depending on the assessment of your injuries, an accident attorney will be able to help you claim the benefits you deserve by law, and thus have the opportunity to receive millions of dollars in compensation for scaffolding and ladder accidents.


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How to avoid scaffolding and ladder accidents?

Like all accidents that occur not only in the construction industry, but also in other contexts such as traffic accidents and personal injuries, scaffolding and ladder accidents can be easily avoided by following the main safety rules established by agencies such as the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA).

Here are some of the most important safety measures to avoid scaffolding and ladder accidents:

  1. Use ladders on stable surfaces and secure the ladder at the top and bottom to prevent slipping.
  2. Make sure ladders are long enough to reach the work area needed.
  3. Never load ladders with more weight than the maximum intended use.
  4. Do not move or extend ladders while a worker is using them.
  5. Keep ladders and shoes free of oil or any material that can cause slipping, such as grease, mud, etc.

For scaffolding, the main safety measures are:

  1. Scaffolding must be properly designed and constructed.
  2. Use guardrails on scaffolding 10 feet (3 meters) or more in height.
  3. In addition to guardrails, it is advisable to use arrest systems on scaffolds used for work over 10 feet (3 meters) high.
  4. If ladders are required, use only those designed for trouble-free use on scaffolds.
  5. Never use bricks or wood to support the scaffolding supports.

In addition, it is important that the worker is always equipped with the necessary safety instruments, which will basically prevent him from being injured in the event of an accident on ladders or scaffolding.

What should I do in case of accidents on scaffolding and ladders?

When it comes to a construction accident, the injuries that arise on scaffolds and ladders are usually the most serious, due to the height to which workers who use these types of tools in their work activities are generally exposed.

Therefore, when suffering an accident of this type, the first thing to do is always to seek immediate medical attention, in order to receive proper treatment and begin a recovery process that minimizes the impact that the event may cause in the victim’s life.

In addition, contacting an accident attorney is essential to take the necessary legal action to receive all the benefits that the law establishes for your case, such as a millionaire worker’s compensation.

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