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How to win your Construction Accident Case in New York?

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Construction Accidents are often one of the main causes of the worst work-related injuries, due to the constant risk this field employees must face. With our legal assistance advisors at Conexión Legal, you will be able to get the best benefits as a Construction Accidents victim in New York.

According to the numbers issued by government agencies, Construction Accidents represent 30% of the Workplace Accidents recorded in New York city, which means it is a great portion of them, having in mind just 5% of the city workers work in this field.  

A worker who has been injured due to Construction Accidents may have the right to file a lawsuit, under the proper event’s circumstances. If the case is won, the victim could get a millionaire compensation due to the injuries suffered.

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How to act after a Construction Accident?

In order for the post-accident process to be performed completely smoothly with no inconveniences, it is crucial that you know how to respond before these types of events, so your rights can be respected at all times.

The first will be to ensure your injuries get the proper medical attention. Depending on the kind of accident you suffer in the construction field, your injuries could be from moderate to severe, so it is essential you receive assistance from a specialized medical team.

Please be sure you dial 911 and request an ambulance on site. If the severity of your injuries do not allow you to call, ask somebody else to do it.

It is also vital you report the event to your employer, who will have to notify the insurance company, so you can receive Workers Compensation you deserve by law, according to the injuries you suffered in the event.

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What are my rights if I suffer a Construction Accident in New York?

As a victim of a Construction Accident in New York City, you have the right to receive Workers Compensation, according to the “Workers Compensation Law“, that obliges employers to provide compensation insurance to their employees in case of an accident.

This compensation will allow you to cover all the expenses caused in order to get your full and fast recovery, such as:

  • Medical Attention
  • Prescribed Drugs
  • X-Ray Images
  • Ambulance Transportation
  • Lost Wages 
  • Expenses caused by Partial or Permanent Disability

Each one of these expenses often means high costs that, generally, can be unaffordable. With Legal Assistency fro our team at Conexión Legal, you can be assured of obtaining the compensation amount you deserve according to the law.

Can I file a lawsuit as a Construction Accident victim?

Though the Workers Compensation Law prevents an employee from filing lawsuits against his/her employer, it is still possible the features of your case allow you to start a lawsuit for the injuries you have suffered in the accident.

If your accident was caused by the negligent action of a third party, you can file a lawsuit that will give you the chance of receiving a large amount as labour compensation.

A negligence caused by a third party can be:

  • A manufacturing company of a tool/machinery in bad condition.
  • Property Owners.
  • Contractor.
  • Providers.
  • Engineers.
  • Architects.

Among other people that, for any negligence, may have played an important role in the causes of the Construction Accident which caused you injuries at the workplace.

How to win my Construction Accident case?

To ensure you get the best results with your Construction Accident Lawsuit in New York, it is vital you can rely on the support of a good Accident Lawyer, who can advice you at the moment you gather the necessary documentation to endorse your lawsuit.

An Accident Lawyer will be able to gather photographies, videos, testimonies, among other evidence that let it show the liability of a third negligent party for your Construction Accident Case, to increase the possibility of winning your case.

However, with the increasing number of Law Firms you can find in New York, the task to find the right one may be difficult. At Conexión Legal, we can provide you with the legal advice you need, to get amazing results in your accident case.

Find the best Construction Accident Lawyers in New York

To win your Construction Accident case in New York, the help of an Accident Lawyer is essential to enforce your rights as a victim and improve your chances of getting a millionaire compensation which allows you to get fully recovered.

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