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Can I receive compensation in case of repetitive work injuries?

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The labor sector is usually one of the most injured in the United States, not only for work accidents, but also due to the illnesses related to work activity being performed.  Repetitive work injuries are a clear example. 

Although they are often not  given the necessary care, repetitive work injuries are often one of the most damaging, to the point of even leading to other serious injuries in areas such as the back, joints and extremities. 

If you suffer from pains in your extremities or any part of your body as a result of your work you perform repetitively in your job, you may have the opportunity to receive compensation, depending on the characteristics of the damage you have suffered as a result of your work effort.

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What are repetitive work injuries?

Have you ever felt severe pain in your back, shoulders, hands or legs? These pains may be related to your work and, if you do not act quickly to treat the pain, it can develop into serious problems for your overall health. 

When talking about repetitive work injuries, we are referring to those injuries that arise as a result of constant effort in the workplace and that, because they are insistent, can cause irreversible damages to your body. 

What many workers are unaware of is that, in this type of cases, there are rights that the law provides to the injured, with the objective of recovering the expenses that may arise from the recovery process of this type of injuries. 

Types or repetitive work injuries in the United States

There are many injuries that can arise as a result of repetitive work, in which you have to apply constant efforts to perform tasks in your workplace, which can cause serious damage. 

Some of the most common repetitive work injuries are: 

  • Muscle pain
  • Bursitis
  • Tendinitis
  • Tennis elbow 
  • Carpa tunnel syndrome
  • Trigger finger
  • Shoulder and/or knee injuries

Each of these injuries can occur when the worker constantly performs forced labor, especially when adequate safety equipment is not used to prevent the occurrence of this type of repetitive work injury. 

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What should I do to receive compensation for repetitive work?

Most of the time when a worker begins to feel certain aches and pains, they do not usually associate it at first instance to their work activities, when in fact these may be the main cause of them. 

If you perform activities in your job in which you constantly have to lift heavy materials or boxes, make sudden movements or any type of activity that involves the constant use of your joints, such as using the keyboard or operating machines, you may develop repetitive work injuries. 

In this situation, the first thing to do is to inform your employer about the injury and pain it causes to you. In the event that after reporting the injury you continue to perform the same tasks, then you should contact an accident attorney who will allow you to defend your rights and receive compensation that will allow you to access the correct medical treatment to ensure your recovery.  

Our Conexión Legal advisors can provide you with the guidance you need, so you can connect with lawyers who will provide you with quality service in cases of repetitive work injuries.

What expenses does compensation for repetitive work injuries cover?

Like other workplace accident cases, when you suffer repetitive work injuries you may have the opportunity to receive compensation that should cover every expense arising from your injuries. 

Some of the most frequent expenses are: 

  • Medical care. 
  • Prescription drugs. 
  • Clinical studies. 
  • Rehabilitation therapies. 
  • Payments in case of incapacity for work. 

Each of these expenses may be compensated, provided you have an accident lawyer to help you prove the repetitive work injuries you have suffered. 

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