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6 main reasons why I may need free traffic lawyers in New Jersey.

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In the state of New Jersey, one of the most common and often most seriously injured accidents, in addition to construction accidents, are undoubtedly car accidents. Having free lawyers in these cases is essential, but what are the main causes of these types of claims? 

According to data from the New Jersey Division of Highway and Traffic Safety, in 2010, and since 2004, a total of pedestrians were registered in the entity who died from traffic accidents, while 6000 were seriously injured. 

The main causes of car accidents being one of the most common types of accidents in the state of New Jersey are many. If we manage to become aware of each one of them, and do our best to avoid them, it is very possible that we will be able to reduce these figures in the entity. 

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What are the causes of car accidents in New Jersey?

Although there are many elements that can influence the occurrence of a traffic accident that may result in injuries or even fatalities, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has identified 6 causes that we will discuss below. 

The 6 leading causes of car accidents in New Jersey are as follows: 

  • Drunk drivers

The NHTSA establishes alcohol as one of the main culprits responsible for causing the vast majority of traffic accidents, not only in New Jersey, but also in other states across the country. 

The effects of this substance on the driver’s brain cause him to lose control of the vehicle, resulting in accidents that can be fatal. 

  • Driving under the influence of drugs 

The effect of this type of substance is exactly the same as that of alcohol. The use of drugs while driving a vehicle may cause the driver to feel drowsy, dizzy or any other symptom that may cause him/her to lose control of the steering wheel. 

It should be taken into account that it does not matter whether legal or illegal drugs are involved. Many of the drugs that are often taken for even a simple headache can cause the driver to lose the ability to drive a vehicle safely. 

  • Distracted driving

When a person is driving a vehicle, it is very important that he or she is focused only on the road, in order to be aware of any type of sign or element that could cause a serious accident. 

Therefore, it is important to avoid all types of distractions while driving, from cell phones to conversations that may distract the driver. 

  • Use of seat belt

Its name says so. The seat belt is an instrument that has been created precisely to ensure the life of people in a vehicle while driving. 

It is important that, regardless of the distance to be traveled, seat belts are worn at all times. In this way, even the most serious traffic accident can occur without fatalities. 

  • Speeding 

All roads and highways in New Jersey have a maximum speed limit for divers in order to avoid accidents that could  cause irreparable losses. 

Complying with these speed limits will certainly help you avoid car accidents that may end with regrettable results. 

  • Driving drowsy

Driving a vehicle is not just any task. On many occasions, it is your life and that of your relatives that is at stake if you commit a reckless act. Therefore, if you feel excessively tired or sleepy, it is best not to drive. This will prevent a serious accident. 

Contact free traffic lawyers in New Jersey

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